Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after my root canal?

Your root canal is finished and your pain should get better, however you still need to complete the final step in the process. Please call your dentist immediately to schedule an appointment to place a final restoration and crown if needed. The final restoration protects your tooth from getting re-infected and possibly breaking. If you don’t get a final restoration within two to four weeks after your root canal your tooth could crack or break. This could easily make the tooth impossible to restore and your tooth may have to be extracted.

Can I take painkillers after my procedure?

Dr. Sonntag recommends that you take 800mg of Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) immediately after your root canal and then take 400mg every six hours as needed to manage any discomfort. You can also take Tylenol if you cannot or do not like taking Ibuprofen. Dr. Sonntag may have given you a prescription. Please take this medication as directed and call Dr. Sonntag if any concerns arise while taking the medication.

Can I eat after my root canal?

Immediately after your root canal you can drink anything you want. Please don’t eat anything before the numbness wears off. We would hate for you to chew up your cheek.

Will I be sore after my root canal?

After your root canal it is common for the area to be tender and bruised. The tooth may also be tender to biting for a week or more. In most cases however, biting sensitivity will only last a few days. Please brush and floss your teeth as you always do.